March 15, 2009:???

Cái ni copy từ blog thèng em. Cái ni ăn cắp được mà ko cần xin phép.
Same Taste when you can't find Lemon DIFFERENT from Tequila

People always have Goals, Dreams for their lives of course and YES those are important. But to be able to achieve them i think you need not only a lot of trying but also your Confidence, your Trust, Trust for yourself and Trust for others as well.

What if one day you waked up and realized that the one you love had already taken all of your Trust away somehow? How terrible could it be? Your heart and your soul would have been totally hurted. Would your Goals and Dreams still exist in your mind anymore at that time? Guess NOT. We are not Happiness-pursuing-machine, we are human being, we have Feeling and we are really Miserable when that sort of thing happens. Your Trust, Your Aims, Your Pride...everything is just...Gone in less than no time. Getting on the right track from the beginning and suddenlly you stepped on a wrong path, it means you're LOST. Just like walking in the Desert without any Direction AT ALL. What should you do?

Optimism is certainly necessary in this case but the thing is: Are you READY to accept it yet? Some people think they are but actually they are just Hiding it deep inside and let it turn them into someone that they cant even recognize. It's Better or Worse? Who knows. It's not that simple that you can sit down and relax only for 1 night and feel things will be back to theirs beauty tomorrow morning. We need TIME. Time to Endure, time to Understand, time to Recover and time to Change...Ourself PROPERLY before we continue our Dreams.

Well...Hope i could make that Lemon a Tequila soon, much better taste though

P.S Andy, thanx for the Entry anyway bro. I'll get over these soon !

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